Massive Attack in LA

OK people.. I’ve decided to post anything I see fit to this blog, because I’m kinda bored of posting design-exhibitions like a reporter :) At least i’ll try to limit the topics to “Happenings happening where I happen to be.”

If it works, all fine. If it doesn’t, that means nobody will tell me it’s not working, in which case I’ll keep doing whatever I see awesomely appropriate! :D

So according to the title I was at the Massive Attack concert at the 80 years old Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles this week. Quite an impressive place, to be fair, with its Art Deco style building and ornaments. But an even more impressive performance from Massive Attack and Martina Topley-Bird I would say.

Crowd didn’t go wild, but that was completely their fault… here are some pix and clips for your trip to wilderness… or not.

Photos & Clips by Refik Burak Atatūr

Copyright © 2010 Refik Burak Atatūr



I’ve never been down in the “pit” before at the Wiltern. I’ve only been up in the balcony in the old people seats.

Did they play “Lately” off Blue Lines? I always loved that song…

Sitting at a concert…. you don’t do that Leslie :)
They didn’t play “Lately” but the rest was pretty good.. I wish I had a better camera to take the videos and stuff.

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