Matter Light – Istanbul

Photos by Refik Burak Atatūr

Matter Light Exhibition takes place in six story Borusan Muzik Evi building in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Each level of the building introduces a different lighting installation by international artists including Erwin Redl, Christian Partos, Thomas McIntosh, Ulf Langheinrich and more.

As the curator of the exhibition Richard Castelli states:

“Matter-Light bears witness to a new direction within the media arts where electronic academisms are swept aside in favour of a more intuitive, physical and sensorial approach which returns the Body and its sensations to their rightful place at the centre of the creative act and experience of art.” ..I guess :)

Here are some pix and videos from the exhibition. You can check out the links for more images of the artwork. Enjoy!

Videos by Refik Burak Atatūr

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This was the best artshow I have seen in Istanbul on September.

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