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Thirtyfive Creative Works, the design studio of our very good friend Ufuk Keskinis up and running in New York City! Congrats mate!

If you’re around, you can visit the New York International Gift Fair Booth NCA+1 and have a chat this weekend. Maybe you’d buy a Typeshelf while at it, who knows ;) Here is some introduction for you people…


Thirtyfive Creative Works is an up and coming
design studio 
located in NYC that specializes in
simple and clever products. As a young
studio, we know that 
there’s no end to learning
but we have some core values that help us stay
in track for achieving what we believe is good design:

• we believe in the strength of genuine ideas
and their power to produce timeless products.

• we are aware that earth’s resources are limited
and as designers we are responsible to use 
them consciously.

• we learn from the existing, but start each project with
a question in mind: “what if this product had never 
been designed before?”

• we think a good design should provoke thoughts
and/or emotions.

Flatobjects will be a part of “A+: The Young Designers’ Platform at Accent on Design” 
within New York International Gift Fair between August 14-18. Booth: NCA+1, Javits Center,  NYC


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